What Only Strong People Know That Everyone Should


    1. Do not allow disappointment to stop you. Keep moving forward whether you disappointed yourself or another disappointed you. Come out on the other side of disappointment stronger, wiser, and tougher.
    2. Guard your tomorrow against the hurts of today. Do not sabotage your dreams for tomorrow because of one or more disappointment(s) today. It simply is not worth it.
    3. How you handle disappointment has a lot to tell on how big you will realize success on your journey.
    4. Learn from your disappointment and realize whatever happens should not define who you are.
    5. Has disappointment ever made you stronger in the past? This or the next is not any different, It’s the way you respond to disappointment that matters. 

“Our real blessings often appear to us in the shape of pains, losses, and disappointments; but let us have patience and we soon shall see them in their proper figures.”

~ Joseph Addison

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