These things are mostly ignored and viewed as “not significant”… You will be surprised at how much they can help to improve your life at a steady speed…


#1. Gratitude

Take 10-15 minutes daily to sit back, reflect and be grateful for things you ought to be grateful for. Gratitude increases your happiness and other positive emotions and sustains them too. Gratitude also helps to reduce stress level, gives you satisfaction in your various relationships and reduces insomnia (you get happy thoughts and increase your sleep quality). So, take time to be grateful, it makes you a better person.

#2. Read, think and write daily

It is good to read, it is better to think about what you have read but the cycle will never be complete if you don’t write down what you have gleamed for yourself in the course of study. Understand that:

  • your thoughts emanate from whatever you have taken in (by reading or listening),
  • these thoughts influence your words,
  • words especially your words, influence your life,
  • Words create and/or recreate your reality
  • the words you have written down become your own idea, sticking better with you as a result.

Follow this process every day and you will be amazed at your progress.

#3. Exercise at least 15 minutes every day

Some people, at the mention of exercise, have the immediate thought of lifting barbells and consequently, are discouraged to even try. On the contrary, exercising is not necessarily about breaking bones! You could simply take a walk, jog, or even dance.

Exercising is known to:

  • increase your energy level
  • help your skin health
  • help you to relax
  • sharpen your memory among other things

Research has proven that exercising reduces risks of CHRONIC DISEASES.

Check this: http://time.com/5553504/exercise-to-live-longer/

#4. Listen and listen well to people

Hey talker, be a listener too. Take time to listen daily to other people. Imagine a gun being shot continuously without reloading, it will only make clicking sounds after a while. So is a talker who is not a listener. It is important to pay attention to others too as you don’t know all and will learn from this exercise. There is something to learn from everyone you meet. Nowadays, you could listen to audiobooks, podcasts or your friends. Just make sure you listen to others daily.

#5. Study concepts in your chosen field for at least 15 minutes every day

Do you want to be the best at what you do? Take time to study the different concepts related to your field then. Studying concepts in your field gives you more understanding of what you are into and makes you better at what you do too.

#6. Do something to improve your appearance, daily

Your appearance affects your confidence level. I call it, “Appearance Psychology”.

My buddy Philip, was at the office one day and got a disapproving look from his boss, worried he asked, ” Did I do something wrong, boss?”. Boss replied, “Yes, you look like hell”. Shocked, he rushed to the restroom to do a quick check but didn’t see anything wrong with his appearance. The next day, he got that same look and this time with a bit of advice, “For God’s sake, do something about your breaking lips, Phil !!”, his boss said. The next day, I couldn’t find my lip gloss! You see, Philip was not as free at work those days, at least, not as he used to be. As trivial as that might seem to be, our appearance goes a long way in improving our lives. Therefore, take time to take care of you every day, whether you know it or not, your appearance creates an impression.

#7. Document every spending of the day

Track your expenses daily and record them. ‘How do you do this, you may ask?’. Have a notebook, write down your budget and stick to it. The main purpose of this exercise is to manage your finances, so that, you will be able to weigh your expenses against your income. To be wealthy, your inflow must be greater than your outflow.

Use budgeting apps if you must (I advise that you should). Examples of these apps are; Mint, Expensify, YNAB, GNU cash, level money and lots more. Even the famous Excel spreadsheet is also a great tool.

#8. Have a daily quality discussion

Have a daily quality talk with someone, especially with your spouse, partner or a significant person in your life, if you are not married. Take time to talk about things daily, it earns your partner’s trust, gives you peace that you are understood and strengthens your relationship.

Things you should know about this kind of discussion are:

  • it reduces stress level
  • it reduces frequent bitter arguments
  • you learn
  • it increases your sleep quality as you have peace of mind

#9. Meditation

Don’t let a day slide without you having your quiet time, because meditation reduces stress, anxiety, depression and increases your level of peace.

Other benefits include (but not limited to):

  • helps to exercise and guard your mind
  • you get a clearer picture of the object of meditation
  • frees your mind from unneeded stuff

Meditation is a common practice among successful people. Do you want to be successful too? Meditate daily!


#10. Challenge yourself daily

Challenging yourself helps to bring out who you really are. You can start small and do as little as reading a book or adding some minutes to your study time.

Sometimes, you need to push yourself in order to be a better person at things you do. Therefore, don’t stay on a spot, leave your comfort zone and be better than your yesterday self.


#1. Wake up early         

Harness the power of your mind by waking up early. Among other reasons, your mind is sharpest in the morning.

If you struggle with waking up early see this post: https://samueladeniji.com/2019/02/19/waking-up-early-the-natural-way/

#2. Drink some water

It maintains your skin quality and flushes your system.


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